The National Hockey League wrapped up its end of season award ceremony last Wednesday, the 21st of June.  This year, the NHL dangled the expansion draft over would-be viewers to try and increase viewership.  I’m not so sure that was effective, especially after NHL insiders leaked most of the selections well before the actual event.

Nonetheless, between Marcel Dionne making an ass of himself, Bryan Bickell’s touching goodbye, and some obscene voter decisions (two people left Erik Karlsson off their ballots, and Torey Krug received a 2nd place vote)*, there was more than enough to discuss after the event.

*Maybe it is time for the NHL to release the ballots of everyone who voted.

But let’s talk about Brent Burns

Brent Burns was this year’s Norris trophy winner, and it was also the first of his career.  The veteran defender not only put together the best season of his career, but also of any defender 31 years or older.  It is true that he slowed down towards the end of the season, but his 29 goals were historic.

Here is how Brent Burns compares to other 31 year old defensemen:

Burns and the other best 31 Year old dmen
How Burns Compares to 31 Year Old Defensemen

He ranks fifth all-time in average points per game.  His goal totals are the highest of any defenseman in this age bracket.  Looking purely at points, he ranks 4th all time.

It staggers me how rare of a feat it is for a veteran defenseman to have the kind of season Brent Burns just had.

Even if you compare Burns to the best seasons of any defenseman that was 31 years of age and older, you still get ridiculous numbers:

How Brent Burns Compares to DMen 31 Years old and older
How Brent Burns Compares to Defensemen 31 Years of Age and Older

Those are the 13 best seasons posted by any player who fit this age bracket (31 years of age and older).  Brent Burns comes in 13th all time in the NHL.  Not only that, but his goal totals are still the highest among this group.

Even if you take the entire history of the National Hockey League, Brent Burns had the 18th best goal total among defensemen.  Further to that, it isn’t until Al MacInnis comes in at 28th that we even see another defenseman that is 30 years old.

Voters got it right this year

For all the same reasons Erik Karlsson should have won the Norris trophy last year, I believe voters righted that wrong (well, slightly) by choosing Brent Burns.  He is one of the most interesting players in the National Hockey League, and with all certainty, one of the most skilled.  Brent Burns had the kind of season defensemen his age just don’t often have.  It is never a bad thing to see skilled goal scorers get the type of recognition this trophy brings, and anything that encourages high-end skill to flourish in hockey is a positive contribution to the sport as a whole.

One for the readers

Awards in the NHL often create a lot of friction between fan bases, media, and teams.  There is an interesting juxtaposition between being arguably the best player at your position, and being deserving of an award.  It is my belief that Erik Karlsson and Victor Hedman are the two best defensemen in the league, but does that mean one of them must win a Norris trophy each season?  What about believing a defenseman was more deserving of the Hart trophy than they were the Norris?  I won’t posit an answer to these questions, but I do want to leave it out there as a thought experiment for readers to comment on.


  1. I agree that votes need to be public. I just wonder if it would make it even worse. Perhaps some voters would go "off the board", simply for the attention and stir it would cause on social media. I guess it could threaten their status in the PWHA, but maybe not.

  2. I wanted Karlsson to win this year for the atrocities committed against him last year, but Burns was the right choice.

  3. He was the right choice AND the fun choice. Love the guy's personality. We could use a lot more of him in the game, not that there aren't a lot of great personalities already.

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  4. Good read.

    I had him on my fantasy team and he was killing it. 2.47 FP/G.
    It sucks he slowed down near the end during fantasy playoffs.

  5. Foxwillow

    Fucking amazing article and frankly, I actually had no idea he even scored that fucking many

    Me too. Knew he was having a great season, but had no idea he was scoring so much!

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