1. I like the N in the second concept so I voted for Concept B

    PT needs more articles like this, having a duel was a good idea :)

    Thanks for putting in the time to design not 1 by 2 logos gentleman, very well done

  2. To me it’s (I didn’t vote):
    Home/Away – concept A
    3rd (N) – concept B

    I love Q on "A" and N on "B". I’m a fan of borders on letters/numbers, so it was even easier to make my choices. ;p

    Great work (both concepts). :up:

  3. I know whose is which, but I’ll keep it anonymous. :p

    Option A, but both are miles ahead of every Nordiques concept online.

  4. This was really tough as both are very good. I chose concept B for 2 reasons. I really like the "N" logo as it is very simple and you know its Quebec. I also like the jerseys better as I am not a fan of the stripes of red in Concept A. That being said, I really like the "Q" logo on Concept 1. I would love to see the Concept 2 jerseys with the "N" from Concept 2 but the "Q" from Concept 1.

    Great job by both of you. I wish I had that creativity. :)

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